Things You Need to Avoid While Choosing Paint Colors for Your Wall 

If you are searching for ideas for room painting and you’re still on the fence about which color should you pick for your house, keep on reading the following mistakes that you need to avoid to make sure that you’ll pick the best wall paint colors according to the best painters in town.  

Failing to consider the existing furniture and décor 

Considering the room’s existing color palette, which usually involves accessories, wall art, décor, and furniture, is one of the simplest ways that can help you pick the perfect shade for your house. Prevent testing the color swatches in an empty or completely different room. Regardless if you simply want to empty the room before you start to paint or if you’ve just moved into your new place, keeping some of the décor and furniture in the room as you choose the paint color will guarantee that the shade you pick complements with other colors in the room.  

Missing the bigger picture 

As you select paint colors for different rooms, particularly the adjacent ones, you must opt for color shades that complement perfectly together. To get a more unified look, you have to plan and choose colors to close together on the color spectrum. 

Not using samples 

Undoubtedly, the room’s lighting is the most vital aspect as you look for a shade that will complement and match your space. Hence, putting samples to test and using shade cards is crucial. Take note that a room’s lighting changes throughout the day. Because of that, it’s highly suggested that you should observe the color swatch during the morning, afternoon, night, and evening, with the turned-on lights. Before finalizing it, observe it for a couple of days to get a real grasp of its color payoff on your walls regardless of what time of the day it is.  

Picking too several colors within a single room 

If you choose to have bold, bright wall colors, then make sure that the rest of the room will be in more neutral, lighter colors to get a perfect balance and to allow the walls to be the eye-catcher. In the same way, if you have opted for a more neutral color for your wall, then let the room’s furnishing and décor have contrasting colors. This will provide a put-together and effortless vibe to the room. It may be enticing to go for multiple colors for your room’s wall paint, but it’s always best if you just stick to approximately 3 colors—two neutral shades and one accent color.  

Neglecting the ceiling 

Even though ceilings encompass a massive space in houses, they are usually overlooked by most property owners who are planning to change the color palettes of their rooms. To make an optimal impact, in terms of the house ceiling, you should opt for a light shade that works well with the colors of your wall. It could be a bold hue or a glossy white that serves as the main color source.