Key Benefits of Systems

The path of wealth. How to make a lot of money?
Many people do not like rich people, but almost everyone wants to get rich, everyone is looking for the way to wealth. In general, the desire for wealth can be…

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How to eliminate a competitor forever
One of the main questions of all businessmen is how to eliminate a competitor. Making a competitor leave the market is the dream of every businessman. Eliminating a competitor once…

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Effective business development paths
Recently, two words have become fashionable and popular among businessmen: pump and pump. And these are not just words, but business development paths. The words are similar in appearance and…

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Why are customers leaving? There’s an answer!

I am worried about a problem that I have been trying to solve unsuccessfully for many years. Spent a lot of money, time and nerves on her. I tried to solve it myself, hired renowned consultants. They did the analysis, made recommendations, but that did not help. I went to various trainings, seminars, conferences, sent employees to them, but to no avail.

I ordered the development of a loyalty program, but it did not help either. He launched the development of the dealer network, but also the result is weak. Then he ordered a brand book and he also could not solve my problem. The essence of the problem is that customers are constantly leaving. It seems to be doing everything in accordance with theory and practice, but nothing helps. Maybe from the point of view of noomarketing you can explain why customers leave and what to do about it?

To understand why customers leave, you need to figure out who the client is, to figure out the mechanism that makes a person a client. Continue reading

Ideas as the beginning of marketing

A product and service are ways of implementing ideas, but only a part of them, and not all that consumers have, can be realized with the help of a given product or service. Accordingly, the first thing to do to start modern marketing is to understand what ideas your product or service can realize and make a list of them, the most complete list.

After you have prepared the maximum complete list of ideas that your product or service can implement, you need to understand whether consumers want to implement these ideas, whether they are embedded in them. If such ideas are not implemented in them, then there will be no demand for your product or service. However, this is not a problem, you can carry out the necessary activities using the script of modern marketing and introduce the necessary ideas. No idea – no sales Continue reading

Key Benefits of Systems Marketing

System marketing is the only effective marketing. The bottom line is that it so happened that our world consists of systems. Each of us is a system, consists of smaller systems and at the same time is part of a number of other, larger systems. The total systematic nature of our world leads to the fact that everything that happens in it happens solely according to the laws of the development of systems, another is simply not given.

System Marketing for Professionals

For this reason, in order to be able to effectively interact with the outside world, and in other words, with the surrounding systems, you need to have systemic thinking and apply system marketing. However, despite the fact that the world consists of systems, not every marketer is aware of this and, therefore, is guided in their activities by systemic thinking. Continue reading

Which market to create?

Creation of an idea does not end there. The idea still needs to be distributed, sowed among potential buyers. Moreover, it is desirable to spread the idea so that it is sufficiently entrenched in the minds of consumers. One option for this is to organize an infrastructure for self-affirmation. This is what Mazda did by organizing the 2008 Zoom-Zoom Challenge Tournament for fans.

After 3 years, the number of carriers of the above ideas, and hence the number of potential participants reached 15,000 people. This is a very good number. Through this tournament, these ideas began to be introduced into people and turn them into consumers of the corresponding Mazda cars. Sales of these cars also went along with this, because the main condition for participation is the fact of having a Mazda car.

The fact that the tournament is held regularly leads to the fact that the idea remains constantly active, which means that sales remain active. Continue reading

Target Marketing Strategy as a Sales Generator

One of the most popular marketing strategies among active market players is targeted marketing strategy. Target marketing strategy is a marketing strategy in which the market is considered as a heterogeneous object, consisting of elements. In a marketing language, these elements are called market segments. In other words, with such a strategy, the market is disassembled into molecules and work is being done with them, with each molecule having separate work.

Target Marketing Strategy Case Study from Mazda

A separate work involves a separate marketing program for each individual market segment, studying the needs of different target groups, reading marketing articles, creating a special offer for each target segment, using different advertising messages for the target audience of each segment. How does this all happen in real life? Let’s look at the example of Mazda. Continue reading

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