Target Marketing Strategy as a Sales Generator
One of the most popular marketing strategies among active market players is targeted marketing strategy. Target marketing strategy is a marketing strategy in which the market is considered as a…

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What are the prospects for the restaurant business
Is the restaurant business in the big city profitable? Will the opening of a new restaurant bring a good profit? What are the prospects for a restaurant business in a…

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The right start of your own business
The right start to your own business is to find a promising idea. A good idea is a guarantee of a successful business. Most businesses go bankrupt in the first…

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each of which

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Which market to create?

Creation of an idea does not end there. The idea still needs to be distributed, sowed among potential buyers. Moreover, it is desirable to spread the idea so that it is sufficiently entrenched in the minds of consumers. One option for this is to organize an infrastructure for self-affirmation. This is what Mazda did by organizing the 2008 Zoom-Zoom Challenge Tournament for fans.

After 3 years, the number of carriers of the above ideas, and hence the number of potential participants reached 15,000 people. This is a very good number. Through this tournament, these ideas began to be introduced into people and turn them into consumers of the corresponding Mazda cars. Sales of these cars also went along with this, because the main condition for participation is the fact of having a Mazda car.

The fact that the tournament is held regularly leads to the fact that the idea remains constantly active, which means that sales remain active. Continue reading

The reason for the evolution of marketing

In this context, it becomes apparent that information is an element of an idea. A person collects information and thereby collects the elements of an idea from which he forms this idea. Accordingly, to transmit information – this means to convey to someone an idea. It should be noted that need is a state of uncertainty in which there is a person in whom the idea is not fully implemented. If an idea is implemented into a person immediately and completely, then he does not experience such a state.

So, marketing is aimed at finding ideas that are not fully implemented in a person, i.e. find needs

So, marketing is aimed at finding ideas that are not fully implemented in a person, i.e. find needs. Further, these ideas are identified, i.e. needs are identified, or rather, the ideas that caused these needs are identified. Well, then the product is created that is needed to implement these ideas. Continue reading

How to build effective business processes

Effective business processes are the main condition for building an effective business that generates money, not problems. Only specialists who know one important secret can build such business processes. There are very few people who know him a little, and therefore there are very few companies that use high-quality business processes.

How to build effective business processes

The secret is simple and that business is basically an idea. Effective business processes are obtained only if they are built around the idea that underlies the business and is aimed at implementing this idea. Ideas are the basics of business processes, absolutely all business processes and all businesses, it is with them that any business begins.

Any business is also uploaded with an idea, but an already implemented idea. Continue reading

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