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Which startup to open? We know!

I want to make a startup and become a millionaire. I once was, I thought that even if you get a very large salary, for example $ 5000 per month, then to become a millionaire you need 20 years, if you do not spend anything.

If you open a regular average business, then often the income is also not very large, enough for a living, but to become a millionaire with very few exceptions, you also need 10-20 years.

During this time, you can fray all your nerves and shake your health. In turn, startups are often sold for tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars with much less time and effort. Obviously, it is much more profitable to create and sell a startup than to work for an uncle or have your own business. I just can’t understand which startup to open. How do people usually find startup ideas?How to determine which startup to open.

Most likely, you have excellent intuition and you already feel the trends that are just beginning to emerge. So you’re on the right track. Thanks to intuition, you will be able to get a good idea earlier than others, make a startup on its basis and sell it.

As for the process of generating ideas, the most common one is randomness. It happens like this: a person wants to do something, begins to look for opportunities, but does not find. As a result, he decides to create something that will help him. He begins to think about it and a new idea comes to his mind, which he then turns into a startup.

Sometimes people generate ideas after reading science fiction books or watching science fiction films. They are so fascinated by the ideas from them that they then want to find a way to implement them. There are, and let’s say, people from the future, “automatic creatives”. They look at the present world through the eyes of the future and they automatically generate ideas on how to make the future come faster. You calculated everything correctly.

Which startup is easy to open
which startup to open

Indeed, if you are a mercenary or have your own business, it is very rarely possible to rise above a certain level. Moreover, very soon the total automation of everything will begin, and the number of jobs and niches for business will be reduced significantly. Drivers will be replaced by autopilots, builders and movers, robots, accountants, economists, financiers, artificial intelligence. It is believed that there are technologies that can replace even programmers.

In fact, only creative specialties will remain that are unlikely to replace robots. So the options in order to have a source of income are less and less. New technologies will soon appear, because of which entire industries will become a thing of the past and, accordingly, the businesses and businessmen who served them will also be a thing of the past. Obviously, even businessmen are not immune from poverty. Creating and selling startups – this will be one of the few options for making money. So it’s better to start now, while there are good opportunities for this.

With a high degree of probability, “automatic creators” were Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, Ford and many other famous personalities. Most likely, they did not bother to generate ideas, they came to them themselves, and in bulk. Then it remained just to bring ideas to life. Obviously, “automatic creatives” have a significant advantage. Having hundreds of ideas, many of which are quite promising, it’s easier for them to make money on creating and selling startups.

Where to get an idea for a startup
Ordinary startups have a harder time than “automatic” ones because it is more difficult for them to get good ideas. It’s logical to take steps to become an “automatic creator”. This can be done using various tools, one of which is a legram (personality, market, startup, business, product). Using legrams in the right combination can significantly increase the ideal potential.

As for which startup to open, there are three main points. First of all, a startup should correspond to your personality, your basic idea. If this does not happen, it will be very difficult for you, because you will need to constantly suppress yourself, your personality, and this is very difficult and harmful. Therefore, it is better to know your basic idea in advance with the help of the personality legram.

Only startups that integrate with the idea of ​​your personality will go with you easily. The second point is that the idea of ​​a startup should be in line with trends, so before thinking about which startup to open, it is advisable to conduct a startup marketing, including exploring existing, emerging and outgoing trends. Perhaps, while you study them, you will just visit a good idea.

The third point is the promise of the idea. 5 people may be interested in some ideas, some a thousand, some millions, and some billions. It is clear that it is more logical to engage in large-scale ideas. To determine the prospects of the idea allows its testing, as well as testing the market.

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