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Key Benefits of Systems Marketing

System marketing is the only effective marketing. The bottom line is that it so happened that our world consists of systems. Each of us is a system, consists of smaller systems and at the same time is part of a number of other, larger systems. The total systematic nature of our world leads to the fact that everything that happens in it happens solely according to the laws of the development of systems, another is simply not given.

System Marketing for Professionals

For this reason, in order to be able to effectively interact with the outside world, and in other words, with the surrounding systems, you need to have systemic thinking and apply system marketing. However, despite the fact that the world consists of systems, not every marketer is aware of this and, therefore, is guided in their activities by systemic thinking.

For this reason, for marketers who do not have systemic thinking, those who have it seem to wizards with a magic wand. This is because a marketer with systems thinking can do a lot that others cannot. It is this fact, the fact of possessing systemic thinking, that gives the marketer a significant competitive advantage over those who do not.

A marketer with systems thinking can launch system marketing, can see the forest behind the trees, i.e. for the private general, rise above everyday life. This allows him, as if to climb the highest skyscraper or mountain and see everything from above. Vision from above, in turn, allows you to own a large amount of information, and therefore, to own the situation.

As a result, a marketer with systemic thinking always “shoots to kill,” because he sees the ultimate goal

Possession of the situation allows the marketer to almost always get the intended results. As a result, a marketer with systemic thinking always “shoots to kill,” because he sees the ultimate goal. In turn, the lack of systemic thinking is similar to the situation that develops in the game “Field of Miracles”, where you have to gradually get the final result by “guessing by letter.”

Of course, you can guess right away, but you can do it with 10 attempts, or you can become bankrupt without getting a result. Obviously, differences in thinking result in differences in results. It is achieved due to the fact that a specialist in systemic thinking considers not only the current situation, but also a context, while a specialist without systemic thinking sees only the situation.

A vision of the situation and context allows you to know exactly what needs to be done and how, while knowing only the situation allows you to do what was indicated. In addition, systemic thinking allows you to see the relationship of this situation with other situations, which allows you to squeeze the maximum out of it. Another plus of systemic thinking is that it allows you to abstract from the situation, and therefore have a critical attitude to it.

The biggest drawback of non-systemic thinking is that its owner constantly needs to be pushed

Without systemic thinking, abstraction is impossible and, as a rule, the owner of non-systemic thinking is easily susceptible to manipulation and external control, because he is not able to abstract himself, which does not allow him to think about the situation. He reacts to any situation purely reflexively, the word is a person who has touched something hot.

The biggest drawback of non-systemic thinking is that its owner constantly needs pushing. Such a specialist must be constantly directed, to tell him what to do, he himself is not able to determine what he needs to do at any given time. He is also not able to determine the quality of the work done and needs constant monitoring and confirmation of the positive results.

All this brings big problems to those who are superior to such a specialist in the hierarchy, because in fact all responsibility for the actions of a specialist with non-systemic thinking rests with him. In addition, specialists who do not have systemic thinking are capable of a very limited number of operations; they, as in that joke, can either dig or not dig, system marketing is not available to them.

Of course, there are benefits from using specialists without systemic thinking.

Moreover, they “dig” or do not “dig” only when you tell them. It is quite difficult to work with such people, because they need constant instructions and instructions. Of course, there are benefits from using specialists without systemic thinking, because they do not see the result, which means that if it does not suit them, they will still do the task.

In turn, a specialist with systemic thinking can ask a lot of questions and, as a result, may not do the task at all.

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