Types of consulting for advanced businessmen
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Rating of slogans of automobile companies
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Which market to create?
Creation of an idea does not end there. The idea still needs to be distributed, sowed among potential buyers. Moreover, it is desirable to spread the idea so that it…

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Target Marketing Strategy as a Sales Generator

One of the most popular marketing strategies among active market players is targeted marketing strategy. Target marketing strategy is a marketing strategy in which the market is considered as a heterogeneous object, consisting of elements. In a marketing language, these elements are called market segments. In other words, with such a strategy, the market is disassembled into molecules and work is being done with them, with each molecule having separate work.

Target Marketing Strategy Case Study from Mazda

A separate work involves a separate marketing program for each individual market segment, studying the needs of different target groups, reading marketing articles, creating a special offer for each target segment, using different advertising messages for the target audience of each segment. How does this all happen in real life? Let’s look at the example of Mazda.

Mazda is a car manufacturer. At the same time, it is known to most people as a manufacturer of budget cars, which are considered quite high quality. Mazda cars have a good enough reputation to be able to sell them in different market segments. For this, the company applies a targeted marketing strategy. As a result of this strategy, sales of this company reach 1.3 million cars per year.

However, despite the relatively large sales volumes, a profitable company is not. The company has suffered losses for many years. Mazda would not be Mazda, if not trying to rectify the situation for the better. Realizing that it would not work to earn more in those segments where she already works, Mazda made an attempt to create a market for herself, a market in which she will be a monopolist, her own personal market. In such a market, in connection with a monopoly position, it’s clear that you can make good money.

Which market to create?

Which market to create? After the analysis, it became clear that quite a lot of consumers are willing to pay for self-affirmation, for the opportunity to do so. There are many opportunities for self-affirmation and one of them is self-affirmation on the road, because in principle there are quite a lot of competitors, which means that the pleasure in achieving the result will be very great.

To work in such a market, appropriate cars are needed – sports cars. In the context of car sales, the market for which sports cars are offered is one of the most profitable markets. Like any other market, the sports car market is built on the basis of a specific idea. In this case, this idea can be identified as “self-affirmation on the road.”

In other words, consumers of sports cars are people who have introduced the idea of ​​”self-affirmation on the road.” This idea activates future consumers, creates motivational energy in them, which leads to the fact that they eventually become buyers of sports cars.

Obviously, in comparison with the general market for ordinary cars, the sports car market, i.e. the market of self-affirmation means on the road is absolutely unique because it is built on the basis of a unique idea. The market based on the idea of ​​“self-affirmation on the road” has existed for a long time, probably from the time when the first roads appeared and a large number of players are present on it.

Accordingly, it is not so easy to go out. It’s possible to get out more precisely, but not the fact of what will turn out to be fixed, because consumers have long established established associations with specific manufacturers. Therefore, from the point of view of marketing, it is logical not to enter such a market directly, but to create a separate segment and become a monopolist on it. This can only be done if there is a targeted marketing strategy.

Target Marketing Strategy as a Sales Generator
Such a strategy needs a separate idea, because it is precisely the idea that underlies any marketing strategy. Accordingly, the main thing here is to choose the right idea and implement it in the minds of buyers. Mazda has done this. She generated an idea, or rather, not even one, but two ideas. One of them is “budget self-affirmation on the road”, and the second “initial level of self-affirmation on the road”. After that, the introduction of the idea into consumers began.

Creation of an idea does not end there. The idea still needs to be distributed, sowed among potential buyers. Moreover, it is desirable to spread the idea so that it is sufficiently entrenched in the minds of consumers. One option for this is to organize an infrastructure for self-affirmation. This is what Mazda did by organizing the 2008 Zoom-Zoom Challenge Tournament for fans.

After 3 years, the number of carriers of the above ideas, and hence the number of potential participants reached 15,000 people. This is a very good number. Through this tournament, these ideas began to be introduced into people and turn them into consumers of the corresponding Mazda cars.

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