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What types of consumers are there today

There are a huge number of classifications that determine the types of consumers. The most interesting of them is the ideal classification, which is used in noomarketing. This classification is based on the vector of the direction of consumer motivation based on his basic idea. It can be said that this is an idealistic approach and from this point of view no one has yet considered consumers.

Types of consumers and how to sell them

This classification is called “Types of consumers by motivation vectors”. A prerequisite for the emergence of such a classification was the fact that any person in the base idea. Through the body, an idea materializes, and a person begins to realize its potential among other ideas and people. People differ among themselves, and therefore the ideas whose materialization they are, differ among themselves at an ideal level, and therefore at an energy level

It is known from physics that particles are negatively charged, neutral, and positively charged. In particular, an electron is a negatively charged particle, a neutron is a neutrally charged particle, and a proton is a positively charged particle. The behavior of particles interacting with other particles depends on the type of charge of the particles.

Similarly, at the ideal level, and therefore at the energy level, consumers have 3 vectors: minus, neutral and plus. This determines the existence of three basic types of consumers: catching up, harmonious, running away. Each type of consumer has its own behavior and corresponding needs. I must say right away that there is no bad or good vector.

As a result of such a comparison, ideas are segmented into types: minus, neutral and plus

Each vector is needed and important and is determined by different circumstances. When circumstances change, the vector may change. The presence of diversity is necessary so that the economy has the maximum degree of adaptation. How and why do ideas form vectors and, accordingly, why are there different types of consumers? The bottom line is that very often ideas are not equal in potential. There are ideas with the same potential, some ideas have more potential, some ideas less.

Ideas determine their potential in the process of comparing themselves with each other within the framework of a certain system. Usually such a system is the economic system of a country. As a result of such a comparison, ideas are segmented into types: minus, neutral and plus. Ideas with an average level of potential define themselves as neutral – they become a kind of core system, in relation to which other types of ideas define themselves.

Those ideas that have less potential than neutral ideas define themselves as negative ones. Ideas that have a potential higher than the core – define themselves as pluses. Ideas with negative potential tend to catch up with the core, and play catch-up, with neutral potential always to remain what they are, but with positive potential they want to break away as far as possible.

Accordingly, any person can be catching up, neutral and fleeing for his life, it all depends on his lifestyle

In the process of development, the vector of the idea may change. This can happen for two reasons: external and internal. The external reason is a change in climatic, political, economic and other conditions that are independent of the idea and, accordingly, of the person who is its embodiment. The internal reason depends on the idea itself and the person in whom it materialized and its actions.

If an idea builds its potential compared to others, then it becomes a plus. If the idea does not develop, it stands still, while others build up potential at this time, then it gradually becomes negative. Accordingly, any person in his life can be catching up, neutral and fleeing, it all depends on his lifestyle.

The desire to be positive encourages people to develop, to interact with other ideas in order to build their potential, to consume more and more goods and services. The desire to remain minus pushes a person to abandon potential development and minimize consumption. The desire to be neutral motivates a person to not change anything and leave it as it is.

So, there is a classification, there are types of consumers. What to do with her? Why is it needed?

So, there is a classification, there are types of consumers. What to do with her? Why is it needed? First of all, the classification allows you to understand why marketing, advertising, branding and PR work and why they do not work. It is obvious that marketing, advertising, branding and PR work only if they correspond to the vectors of the consumers they are aimed at.

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