Which market to create?
Creation of an idea does not end there. The idea still needs to be distributed, sowed among potential buyers. Moreover, it is desirable to spread the idea so that it…

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Seven Ways to Build Trust in a Website or Online Store
1) Customer Reviews The most commonplace thing is the availability of feedback from existing customers. If we are talking about an online store, then these may be reviews that registered…

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How to make friends with the invisible hand of the market
The principle of the invisible hand of the market is a term coined by the Scottish economist and one of the founders of modern economic theory, Adam Smith, to explain…

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Pseudocreo is an external object

However, a person does not always live his life, guided by his desires and, as is known from physics, energy does not disappear anywhere, he only passes from one species to another. So it turns out that the desire energy cannot disappear, it can only turn into another type of energy, in this case, potential energy.

This is achieved simply: a certain internal mechanism is created that accumulates this energy. Such a mechanism may have different names, for example, a complex. With every unsatisfied desire, energy passes into potential energy and a complex is created. The action that created the complex is nothing but sin, i.e. an act, action or inaction that violates the normal course of development of an idea.

Further, forgetting occurs, but the complex remains. The complex is bad in that the energy in it is poorly accumulated and constantly threatens to break out, because the complex is not able to fully compensate for the generation of energy and its conversion into potential energy. For this reason, a person is forced to constantly create compensating mechanisms, i.e. something is created in the external or internal environment that restores the balance of a person. Pseudocreo is an external object. By creating it, a person restores balance.

Balance is good. But the problem is that such an object is an obstacle to the development of an idea. Thus, creating a pseudo creo, a person creates new sins, creates even more obstacles to his development. It turns out that with sin – this is just creating obstacles for the development of an idea, i.e. divine essence in man or the creation of obstacles to the destruction of locks that were created earlier. So it turns out that by creating a pseudo creo, a person creates new sins and aggravates old ones.

At the same time, creative people can sin on themselves, but they can sin on the goods and services that they promote. The mechanism here is the same, but only other objects. Any product or service also comes from an idea. Such a product, the idea of ​​which is developing successfully, is becoming popular.

But, the creator can create such information structures that block the development of the idea of ​​a product or service, i.e. in fact, a creator can create a sin for a product. A product with sin cannot develop and very quickly gives way to competing products.

How creators create problems at the karmic level
Creative marketing. And it turns out that horror stories about eternal death, about Hell, are not such horror stories. They are very real mechanisms. If the creator has tried hard on the field of creating pseudo-creos, then he loses his position over time, because maintaining the complexes in the right conditions requires more and more compensating mechanisms. In total, what is called the word “burn out” happens.

It turns out that the creator kills in himself the mechanisms that allow him to connect to the world of ideas. Outwardly, it looks like a loss of inspiration, exhaustion. It may seem that fatigue, long-term work are to blame. But this is not so, the reason is the blocking of mechanisms for connecting ideas to the world. The result is what can be called the creative death of such a creator.

After such a death, creators fall into a kind of Hell, where his soul burns. He cannot escape from there until he removes his sins and therefore is doomed to eternal suffering. He wants to create, but he cannot do this. At the same time, his entire body is imprisoned to create, because creativity is the process of its self-realization, but through sins it stops.

The same thing happens with the goods. The amount of sins with which the goods were “infected” by sinful creators reaches a critical mass, the idea of ​​the goods is blocked and it begins to fade. Stones from the management of the company begin to roll in different gardens, but this does not help, because there is no understanding that the whole reason is that the goods became too sinful and lost their vitality. The result is what can be called the death of a product and its falling into a kind of Hell for goods.

It is clear that there is no smoke without fire and that there is a reason that leads to the commission of sins and, now, we will try to figure out why the creation of sins occurs. The key to understanding the causes of sin lies in understanding the grounds and prerequisites for creativity.

Creative, as an activity aimed at creating unique objects

Creative, as an activity aimed at creating unique objects, has several reasons. One of them is the creation of a creo for personal use to compensate for internal imbalances, the second is the creation of a creo for non-personal use for use by third parties.

Person-oriented creo. This creative is aimed at creating an object that will compensate for internal imbalances that are mainly in the mental sphere. The basis of this approach is mainly the desire for self-realization, realization of vanity, self-affirmation, realization of ambition.

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