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The evolution of marketing has matured

The fact is that immediately after its appearance, marketing began to “saw the branch” on which it sits and almost cut it down. This means that very soon this bitch will break down and either the evolution of marketing will change direction, or marketing will simply disappear. The situation is related to the fact that marketing is a technology through which the needs and requirements of people are identified, as well as the creation of a product to satisfy them.

The evolution of marketing and its direction

So, marketing has worked so well and efficiently that almost all the needs and requirements have been met. Here it is necessary to make a reservation – all the needs and requirements that are behind real motivation are satisfied. Needs and needs, for which there is no real motivation, are not satisfied until now and will never be satisfied.

For example, the needs and requirements of people who want to have a Bentley, their island and their plane, but are constantly lying on the couch and do not do anything for this, are not satisfied. Such needs and requirements are not subject to satisfaction, because they are not based on real motivation. All the needs and requirements behind which there is real motivation are almost satisfied.

Satisfying almost all needs and requirements is the only reason why marketing has become less effective and the companies that use it have become less effective. Is there a way out of this situation? There is an exit. It consists not only in satisfying the needs and requirements of people, but also in creating them. The evolution of marketing will continue only if it begins to create needs and requirements.

This means that in order to create needs and requirements, one needs to introduce more and more new ideas.

It remains only to figure out how these needs and requirements are created, because this will allow us to learn how to create them. It’s no longer necessary to understand, in principle, because we have dealt with this within the framework of noomarketing. Within the framework of noomarketing, it was determined that the needs and requirements of people are consequences of the ideas introduced in them. This means that in order to create needs and requirements, one needs to introduce more and more new ideas.

Once upon a time ideas were introduced automatically, because they lay on the surface. For example, there is such a useful thing in life as a telephone. Once the telephone was wired, and in order to reach another subscriber, it was necessary to communicate through a telephone operator. In principle, everyone was happy with everything. Then it became possible to dial the number yourself by rotating the disk.

The phone remained the phone, but by it they had already begun to mean something else. Then a push-button telephone appeared, then a radiotelephone appeared, then a mobile phone appeared and, more recently, a smart phone – a smartphone. At the same time, in order to create a need for a smartphone, I had to work a little, because the ideas that cause the need for it did not lie on the surface.

From this definition is built all the activities of the marketer and his thinking

Meeting needs and requirements is classic marketing. Creating needs and requirements with their subsequent satisfaction is already noomarketing. Accordingly, the evolution of marketing should go towards noomarketing. Switching to noomarketing is easy, because noomarketing uses the same terms as marketing, although the meaning is slightly different.

For example, there is such a category as need. It is used both in classical marketing and in noomarketing. But for each concept, the essence of that need will be different. In marketing, this is a state of lack of something. From this definition all the activities of the marketer and his thinking are built, because need is the beginning of marketing. The essence of this activity is the search and satisfaction of ready-made needs and requirements.

The start of noomarketing is an idea. An idea introduced into a person creates first a need, and then a need. It all depends on how much the idea has developed in a person. If the idea has developed minimally, then the state that a person experiences at the same time is a need. If to a greater extent, then the person already feels the need. Well, the final stage is already a satisfied need. In this state, a person does not need anything, he has everything.

This definition intersects with the definition of need for marketing, but in marketing it is as if taken out of context

What is the need for a noomarketing context? In the context of noomarketing, need is a state of uncertainty. Uncertainty is a condition in which you do not know what you want. This definition intersects with the definition of need for marketing, but in marketing it is as if taken out of context. In no-marketing, everything is in place – an idea is implemented in a person and causes a state of uncertainty in him. Why does she cause this condition in him?

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