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Marketing Strategy Shows Where To Move

You should run to the place where new opportunities may appear with the highest degree of probability. The run is won not by the one who makes the most movements, but the one whose movements are focused, who has the best and strongest starting position at the start of the race. A marketing strategy is the only way to provide the strongest starting position for a race to new opportunities.

A marketing strategy is not only the best and strongest position in the run for new opportunities, but also a powerful internal core of the company, which makes the business stronger at times. A company that has a marketing strategy is always guaranteed to win its competitors in the run for new opportunities . This is achieved due to the fact that the marketing strategy gives the company:

accurate and clear answers to 99% of the questions;
clear business development route;
the most profitable direction of potential realization;
calm atmosphere in the team;
efficient waste of resources and cost reduction;
Confidence in your strength;
confidence in the future;
increase business speed;
increasing internal and external authority of the company;
removal from competitors.
How to make money with a marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy Shows How To Move

A marketing strategy is the only opportunity to realize the potential to the last drop and completely turn it into money. As you know, the potential lies in ideas. The most important of them is a strategic idea, which underlies the strategy. Not every strategic idea suits the company. Therefore, the essence of building a strategy is choosing the best strategic idea through which the company will develop.

Marketing strategy is the only opportunity to realize the potential to the last drop

Accordingly, first of all, it is necessary to analyze the company and determine what ideas it conveys. Not every idea that a company broadcasts fits the market. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct market research and determine what ideas are circulating on it and their potential. Not all ideas circulating in the market are equally attractive.

Including the attractiveness of ideas in the market depends on the situation in the economy. Therefore, you should study macroeconomic indicators and determine what ideas will be in trend. Some ideas are already being dealt with by competitors. It can be either attractive ideas or not attractive. You need to know them by examining the competitors and determining how exactly the competitors implement them.

A high-quality marketing strategy involves the use of the 5I principle (company ideas, market ideas, ideas of the economy, ideas of competitors, strategic idea). The usual cost of its development is 100,000-150000 Russian rubles if a maxi version is ordered. However, the mini version of the marketing strategy costs only 15,000-20000 rubles.

… each dollar, euro, ruble invested in a marketing strategy results in a total of 100 to 1000 monetary units of profit

Following the 5I principle guarantees the highest possible result for the least money. The result will be obtained even when it seems impossible. The principle of “5I” in the development of marketing strategies used by most leading corporations in the world. This situation is related both to the effectiveness of the principle and to its profitability.

Experts have calculated the return on investment in a marketing strategy. It turned out that the profitability of investments in it reaches in most cases 10,000%, and sometimes reaches 100,000%. This means that each dollar, euro, and ruble invested in a marketing strategy results in a total of 100 to 1000 monetary units of profit. Need a marketing strategy? Turn to the professionals!

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