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Detailed marketing history from an expert

Today, marketing is spoken on every corner and it is impossible to believe that it once was not there. But the fact is that the history of marketing began very recently. Marketing is a very recent invention of humanity compared to the age of humanity itself. Once the goods were in such shortage that they went away like hotcakes without any marketing and it was simply unnecessary.

Detailed marketing history from an expert

For some time, this situation was also observed in the countries of the former USSR after the collapse of this country, and these were golden times for some of its inhabitants. In an era when there was no marketing, then even the economy as such could not be said. The instruments of motivation were slavery and coercion. But then the economy came about as a system of mutual assistance, and after a while the history of marketing began.

If we talk about age, then marketing is no more than 150 years old, if we take its individual elements. If we talk about marketing as a system, then in this case he is not even 100 years old. Initially, there was no marketing as a system. There were only certain elements that were used on their own and only relatively recently marketing appeared as a system

The first time, in its first version, marketing appeared when the economy as such arose in its modern sense. It was in the modern classification of marketing 1.0. Before that, he was simply not needed. The economy did not develop very quickly, there were not enough goods, but everyone needed them. Accordingly, the main competitive advantage of that time was the ability to produce.

The main thing in marketing 1.0 was to have a product

For this reason, this era was called industrial. Industry then flourished. The main thing in marketing 1.0 was to have a product. All efforts were aimed at getting hold of the goods and this was the essence of marketing 1.0. Whoever had the goods was the master of the situation. Whoever had the goods was the king. Everyone wanted to get rich, so different ways were invented to get the goods.

In other words, in order to get rich in conditions of shortage of goods, marketing 1.0 was invented. Relapses sometimes occurred. For example, similar conditions, created artificially, were at the end of the 80s of the last century in the USSR. Then the country had a terrible shortage of goods and the price included those people and companies who could “get” the goods and help them with marketing 1.0, although it was believed that the USSR had a planned economy.

Marketing Development History 1.0
Detailed marketing history from an expert

However, let us return to developed countries, which, due to the fact that they are far ahead of other countries, have always needed marketing in the new version earlier than others. The main marketing story takes place exactly in these countries, where already at the beginning of the 20th century in some markets a surplus of goods began to be felt, i.e. their excess.

All those who used marketing 1.0 began to lose ground because they began to lose excess profits.

Due to the surplus of goods, consumers have a choice. They could turn to any of the companies; it was they who made the choice now and they became masters of the situation. People or companies that are well versed in marketing 1.0 have begun to lose ground. All those who used marketing 1.0 began to lose ground because they began to lose the superprofits that this version of marketing used to give them.

There were many competitors and there was no time for superprofits, you had to at least sell the goods, otherwise you could even go into the red, because there were a lot of goods and they were constantly updated. It is clear that any consumer preferred a newer and more valuable product, and if so, then the old goods had to be disposed of as quickly as possible.

The surplus of consumers has led to the invention of new marketing, marketing 2.0. Needs and requirements formed the basis of this marketing, because it turned out that the product that was able to satisfy them better than others turned out to be the most competitive, it was given consumer priority. However, the problem is that it is possible to satisfy the needs and requirements, but only if the goods are customized for consumers, according to their needs and requirements.

This meant that marketing history in version 2.0 was drawing to a close.

For this, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the consumer in the production of goods. There are a lot of them: gender, age, social status, education, income and the like. The more the product resembles the consumer, the more the product meets its characteristics, the better it meets the needs and requirements, the more valuable it looks in the eyes of consumers.

A product that had more value for the consumer and was selected by the consumer. The consumer was already buying not just a product, but the most valuable product for him. In the middle of the 20th century, it became obvious that many products turned out to be 100% tailored to the consumer’s characteristics.

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Detailed marketing history from an expert
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