Key Benefits of Systems

Seven Ways to Build Trust in a Website or Online Store
1) Customer Reviews The most commonplace thing is the availability of feedback from existing customers. If we are talking about an online store, then these may be reviews that registered…

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How to become a real estate agent?
The number of new buildings is growing every year, and mortgage rates are reduced, which makes housing more affordable, and the profession of a realtor is in demand and well…

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Marketing as a business philosophy
The use of marketing allows you to solve business problems if it has not been used before, and to make the business have fewer problems if it is used regularly.…

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What types of consumers are there today

There are a huge number of classifications that determine the types of consumers. The most interesting of them is the ideal classification, which is used in noomarketing. This classification is based on the vector of the direction of consumer motivation based on his basic idea. It can be said that this is an idealistic approach and from this point of view no one has yet considered consumers.

Types of consumers and how to sell them

This classification is called “Types of consumers by motivation vectors”. A prerequisite for the emergence of such a classification was the fact that any person in the base idea. Through the body, an idea materializes, and a person begins to realize its potential among other ideas and people. People differ among themselves, and therefore the ideas whose materialization they are, differ among themselves at an ideal level, and therefore at an energy level Continue reading

Pseudocreo is an external object

However, a person does not always live his life, guided by his desires and, as is known from physics, energy does not disappear anywhere, he only passes from one species to another. So it turns out that the desire energy cannot disappear, it can only turn into another type of energy, in this case, potential energy.

This is achieved simply: a certain internal mechanism is created that accumulates this energy. Such a mechanism may have different names, for example, a complex. With every unsatisfied desire, energy passes into potential energy and a complex is created. The action that created the complex is nothing but sin, i.e. an act, action or inaction that violates the normal course of development of an idea. Continue reading

How to maximize conversion

Increasing site conversion is easy. It is enough to provide the site with a marketing function. Sites can be viewed from different points of view, including in terms of marketing. Marketing is the creation and heating of customers, respectively, the marketing function of the site is its ability to create and warm visitors.

Increase conversion in the latest way.

It should be noted that at the moment a very small percentage of sites perform this function. If we take it quantitatively, then the number of sites that have this function, according to the results of studies conducted by the NOOMARKETING.NET project, is 7% of all sites. The absence of this function for sites causes significant financial damage to the remaining 93% of sites. Continue reading

The reason for the evolution of marketing

In this context, it becomes apparent that information is an element of an idea. A person collects information and thereby collects the elements of an idea from which he forms this idea. Accordingly, to transmit information – this means to convey to someone an idea. It should be noted that need is a state of uncertainty in which there is a person in whom the idea is not fully implemented. If an idea is implemented into a person immediately and completely, then he does not experience such a state.

So, marketing is aimed at finding ideas that are not fully implemented in a person, i.e. find needs

So, marketing is aimed at finding ideas that are not fully implemented in a person, i.e. find needs. Further, these ideas are identified, i.e. needs are identified, or rather, the ideas that caused these needs are identified. Well, then the product is created that is needed to implement these ideas. Continue reading

The evolution of marketing has matured

The fact is that immediately after its appearance, marketing began to “saw the branch” on which it sits and almost cut it down. This means that very soon this bitch will break down and either the evolution of marketing will change direction, or marketing will simply disappear. The situation is related to the fact that marketing is a technology through which the needs and requirements of people are identified, as well as the creation of a product to satisfy them.

The evolution of marketing and its direction

So, marketing has worked so well and efficiently that almost all the needs and requirements have been met. Here it is necessary to make a reservation – all the needs and requirements that are behind real motivation are satisfied. Needs and needs, for which there is no real motivation, are not satisfied until now and will never be satisfied. Continue reading

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